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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The “Treaty 8 Justice of the Peace Caravan” will be venturing from the Peace to Montreal to make their voices heard about their issues with Site C.

They will leave September 5th and make various stops on the way to Montreal. Once in Montreal, they will attend the Federal Appeal case of West Moberly FN and Prophet River FN regarding Site C and it’s infringement on their Treaty Rights.

They say they want to be in the court room and be heard.

“The Court Case is on September 12th and we will be making various stops along the way to talk with people about Site C to raise awareness about why we think it is important to make the journey across Canada to be visible in a court room. The rights that mega projects, such as Site C, continue to violate belong to people that have faces, we have stories that belong to the land, we have cultural practices that we want to pass on to our children, we harvest and hunt from the land, and we are saying NO.”

They are looking for donations for the trip to help make it possible but are also looking to make connections on the way to Montreal to have places to stay.

They will be in the following cities on the following days:

*Edmonton: September 6th
*Saskatoon: September 7th
*Winnipeg: September 9th
* Montreal: September 11&12
*Ottawa: September 13th

They are also looking for Aeroplan miles for hotel rooms, and cash donations for bus expenses. If you can donate miles, or give cash, you can go to the Facebook page here.

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