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TAYLOR, B.C. – The Taylor preschool and Fire Hall have been found to have higher amounts of lead than allowed under the BC Drinking Water Quality Assessment.

The guideline is 0.010. In the Fire hall 0.01190 was found. In the preschool 0.01160 was found.

Mayor Rob Fraser said the samples were collected on June 27, 2016 and then analyzed July 4, 2016. These tests were done in accordance with the BC Drinking Water Quality Assessment.

Fraser also went on to say that another sample will be collected to ensure the first results were correct. If that sample comes back different, they will then proceed with a third sample to see which one was the most accurate.

The Mayor also says that the solution to the problem is to run the water until it is cold. He says the water has to stand 6 hours overnight before they do a test.

They plan to re-sample the school once school is back in session. They will do the Fire Hall in the next little while.

Mayor Fraser also stressed the point that there is no reason for the community to be concerned. There was no high levels of lead found in other buildings such as the Golf Course Clubhouse, Medical Clinic, District Ice Arena, Community Hall, Visitor Centre, District Office, and the Golf Course Maintenance Building.

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