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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – After Trevor Bolin, as well as many others stepped forward to offer a reward for information leading to the arrest of alleged suspects in the Totem Mall tree vandalism case, the reward is being given out.

According to Bolin, 2 people will be sharing the reward. He also says one person has been arrested in the case.

“There was an arrest that was made and 2 people are both getting the reward money.”

Bolin says he got 20 different tips, some with the same information and some with different information.

“The evidence that was gathered through the tips that were received, was certainly what I would say what out the RCMP onto the right direction.”

When Bolin was asked if he thought that it could be sad that money has a role in these situations, he said he doesn’t always believe that.

“You know what, I don’t. The money is probably a little bit of a motivator, but you have to realize that anybody is going to turn in good enough evidence about somebody, they are either going to be related to the person or has first hand knowledge of it.”

He says he believes at the end of the day people want to believe they will do the right thing, but the money could have had a little bit of a factor in the decision.

It also raised concerns about what else vandalism could lead to, not just the cutting down of trees.

“I think it is just more about the fact that a lot of crime happens, or a lot of senseless acts or foolish acts occur in the city. When you look at it, it isn’t about the fact that they cut down 9 trees, because if they are willing to cut down 9 trees, and stop the enhancement of certain areas of the city to make them look more beautiful, what else are they willing to do?”

Bolin says it was more about communities coming together to say “enough” and points to this as an example of how communities do come together.

More information is expected to come sometime next week on charges in the case.

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