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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Some critics of the Site C dam are not happy after finding out Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Government passed the first set of permits required by the Liberal Government to keep the Site C project moving forward.

Ken Boon, who is opposed to the $8.8 billion project, says it feels like a betrayal.

“Essentially, it is almost like a betrayal of Justin Trudeau’s election promises. We’re obviously very disappointed. This is what we would have expected under Stephen Harper, but Justin Trudeau got elected on a platform of doing things differently and that included a new relationship with First Nations, and a number of other things that we aren’t seeing here. It’s pretty tough but it isn’t over. There are still 4 outstanding legal challenges to this and any one of them could bring this (Site C) to a halt.”

Boon says with the permits that were granted, it looks like to him, that BC Hydro has now been given a “green light” to do all the work they need to do to complete the project.

“That was Trudeau’s decision. The Liberal Government can’t cry and say they had their hands tied and blame the previous government. That was not the case.”

He also says that you can see all the harms that are acknowledged to be done by the project in the authorizations. He also says he wonders what possessed the Trudeau government to make these authorizations.

“How robust, was there actual look at it? Or was this some political move to please Christy Clark. I don’t know… I’d like to hear from the Trudeau government, how did they come about to make this decision, because that is what is missing. All we know is they issued the authorizations.”

These have been the first permits required to be approved for the Site C project by Trudeau. Harper had “rushed” through the previous required permits, which is what BC Hydro has been working under up until this point.

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