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FERNIE, B.C. – A local man from Fort St. John says he might not go back into the backcountry for a run without having bear spray next time after he had a encounter with a bear.

Tom Coveney says he was out for a run in the backcountry, near Fernie Alpine Resort, when he was approached by a black bear.

He said it was “scary and surreal”. As he tried to get to safety, the bear apparently made three bluff attempts to charge at him.

Coveney says he was “amazed” by the speed of the bear and said that running away was the “dumbest thing” he ever did.

Once Coveney reached safety, he spoke with conservation officers and told them what had happened over the last half-hour. He was unharmed.

Coveney says he was told by officers that they might trap and try to relocate the bear. He says he is just thankful that the bear was curious and not looking for something to eat.



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