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TAYLOR, B.C. – While it’s said that applying garlic is the method of choice to repel vampires, it turns out that it is also incredibly effective at warding off blood suckers of the non-fictional variety.

The District of Taylor has had quite the mosquito problem this year, but the garlic-based mosquito spray that they have chosen seems to be working. Mayor Rob Fraser says the district’s ball diamonds have now been misted with the 99 percent garlic spray, and a second application is planned.

District councillors have been assured the spray can kill mosquito larvae while leftover sulphers, undetectable by humans, can deter adult mosquitoes for weeks. Floods and heavy rains delayed the experiment but Fraser says Taylor residents are generally pleased and some have even bought the product and sprayed it themselves.

According to Fraser, the next phase is to figure out the budget going forward to do larger areas, as the natural repellent is more costly than chemical-based pesticides. He says that if the second application goes as well as the first, council will have to decide on a budget to expand the project in 2017.

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