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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Now-defunct Continental Pipeline and Facility has been served with a $150,000 fine by WorksafeBC after an incident that the board called a “high-risk violation.”

The incident in question happened on December 1st last year at a job site approximately 50 kilometres north of Pink Mountain off the Jedney Road when a Continental employee was pinned between the tracks and frame of bulldozer. While guiding a tanker-trailer combo down a 20 percent grade hill with a bulldozer, the worker attempted to exit the dozer, at which point he became trapped.

Follow-up inspection reports obtained by show that the company had complied with safety improvements that were ordered by Worksafe after the incident by February 18th. Despite this, Worksafe issued the fine on April 20th of this year, after their investigation into the incident was complete. The fine of $150,000 is the largest fine issued by the compensation board province-wide in the past four years, and one of two such fines issued this year.

The company ceased operations back in January.

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