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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – UPDATE: Since word has gotten out, local MP Bob Zimmer has matched Bolin’s reward. The Totem Mall also matched the reward. With various other donations, the total is now up to around $3500.

Residents are wondering who cut down trees in the Totem Mall area on Thursday.

In photos posted on Facebook by Moira Green and Trevor Bolin, they show trees that seem to have been chopped down and left on the sidewalks.

Trevor Bolin, who is a City Councillor in Fort St. John, posted on his Facebook page that he would offer a $1000 dollar reward to whoever knows who cut the trees down.

“These aren’t my tree’s but this is my home. If you know who did this, let me know and I’ll give you a $1,000 cash, no questions asked.”

Bolin isn’t the only one who offered cash in exchange for information on who damaged the trees. 3 others posted on Bolin’s status said they would also offer $100 dollars each if it is found who is responsible.

When reached for comment, Bolin said that the city takes pride in themselves, and this isn’t the right thing to have happen.

“It just makes me very upset someone would do that.

I think so often businesses and citizens who take pride in the city and spend time and money to make our city more beautiful and then someone does this.

I’m fairly certain we will be able to find out who did this, and that person can be known publicly for what they have done.

Citizens of FSJ need to stick together, and only together will we make FSJ even better than it is.”

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