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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The Fort St. John Pharmacy and Wellness Centre on 101 Ave is now offering Naloxone kits for $50 dollars without a prescription.

Naloxone is a drug that can reverse opioid drug overdoses. It is injected through the arm or thigh muscle. When this is done, it can quickly reverse the opioid overdose. Naloxone works as an antidote for overdoses. When Naloxone is given to someone, it pushes the opioid from the receptor to restore a normal breathing rate. A second dose may be needed if normal breathing does not return. The drug can reverse shallow breathing in 1-5 minutes, but only actually lasts for 30-90 minutes. Always be prepared to call 911 if symptoms re-appear after the first dosage, and have a second dosage handy.

The package at the Fort St. John Pharmacy and Wellness Centre includes:

  • 2 syringe and needle combination set
  • 2 ampules of Naloxone
  • 2 alcohol swabs
  • 2 latex free gloves
  • 1 checklist for Naloxone Training

There is also a acronym to go along with opioid overdoses. ‘SAVEME’ stands for: Stimulate, Airway, Ventilate (every 5 seconds), Evaluate, Muscular injection, Evaluate (2nd dose?)



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