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PRINCE GEORGE, B.C. – Effective as of today, July 6th, at noon, Category 2 fires will be allowed again due to a decreased risk of wildfires.

The cancelling of the Category 2 prohibition applies to all BC Parks, Crown lands and private lands.

Before lighting any fire, residents are reminded to check with local municipalities and authorities to see if there any burning restrictions or bylaws that could be in effect.

Category 3 open fires and campfires are also allowed within the Prince George Fire Centre, as long as people follow open burning regulations. The use of fireworks, burning barrels, tiki torches and sky lanterns is also permitted.

Category 2 fires are fires that:

  • burn material in piles smaller than two metres high and three metres wide
  • burn stubble or grass over an area smaller than 2,000 square metres

Category 3 fires are fires that:

  • burn material larger than two metres high or three metres wide
  • burn stubble or grass over an area greater than 2,000 square metres
  • burn more than two piles of any size

Anyone who wants to light a Category 3 fire must first get a burn registration number by calling 1 888 797-1717 and comply with air quality control legislation.

The government says: Campfires must be smaller than a half-metre tall and a half-metre wide. Anyone lighting a campfire must have a hand tool (such as a shovel) or at least eight litres of water available nearby to extinguish it. Do not light fires or keep them burning during windy conditions and make sure that they are fully extinguished before leaving the area for any length of time.

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