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TAYLOR, B.C. – The District of Taylor is taking a earth friendly approach to those pesky mosquitos that come out every summer, in the form of a pilot project.

At a City Council meeting last night, Mayor and Council discussed the idea of fighting mosquitos with a mixture of garlic and canola oil, called Mosquito Barrier.

The mixture is a natural way, compared to harmful chemicals, to kill mosquitos, but also kill the larvae completely.

The price is $84.95 per gallon. The mixture is 99.3% garlic juice, with some food grade preservatives added.

They are first going to start with the baseball diamonds and city core this year. They then want to expand, based on cost and results, to a larger area in 2017.

Another area of concern was the golf course. The pond specifically. You can dump the mixture into the pond and it will suffocate the mosquitos and kill the larvae. The District wants a cost on total price before making a decision.

The city is also urging those with long grass, to keep it cut and not to let it get out of control. The district is also going to be cutting tall grass as they see fit.

Mayor Rob Fraser wants to see a report on how much it will cost to cut the tall grass to allocate enough funds. They also want to see a more detailed report on how much the spraying and mixture will cost the city.


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