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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – The city of Fort St. John has released the Annual Report for 2015.

The report for the year prior (2014) won an award for quality of financial reporting from the Government Financial Officers Association.

The strategic services highlights were Passive house education, curb side recycling launch, and the city communications plan.

There were also Recreation and Leisure highlights. Those included hosing the U17 World Hockey Challenge in November and lots of new programming.

Facilities and Grounds saw improved downtown maintenance and significant work during the pool shutdown.

Finance saw a clean audit go through.

There was a reduction in impounded dogs through by-law. There also was the addition of a new fire chief.

The city made $92.5 million in revenue in 2015. They only had expenses of $52.1 million. They came out with a $40.4 million surplus. While “technically” there is a surplus, there is still things to be taken into account.

“What you are seeing as a surplus as a line item does not take into account funds that were received for capital projects that are not complete, DCCs collected but not spent yet and a whole list of other things like that.”

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