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CORRECTION: The previous version of this article erroneously referred to the Fort St. John Disc Golf Club. It is the Fort St. John Disc Sports Club. Also, the fourth paragraph has been added.

FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Toboggan Hill Park could soon be seeing Frisbees sailing through the air more frequently after Fort St. John city council passed a motion to work with the Fort St. John Disc Sports Club to install a temporary disc golf course in the park.

Drs. Clint and Elena Warkentin, along with other members of the club gave a presentation to council about the possibility of erecting a course in either Kin Park or Toboggan Hill Park at the previous council meeting on June 13th. At that meeting, several councillors seemed enthusiastic about the idea, although at yesterday’s meeting seemed less enthusiastic about the use of Kin Park as a suitable venue.

Councillors Stewart and Evans raised questions about the park having enough parking to support an increased numbers of users. Mayor Lori Ackerman was also unsure about erecting a temporary course in Kin Park, and then erecting a permanent course in Toboggan Hill park.

The group’s original proposal to the city stated that the targets for each disc golf hole are able to be provided at no cost by club members, who have a combined total of 18. In addition, group member Daniel Martin says that in the proposal, the group would be able to provide the material, tools and labour to install the course themselves, similarly to how Dawson Creek’s disc golf course was installed.

The city’s General Manager of Community Services Wally Ferris told council that the trial course will consist of 11 holes, and that the city would look at the Parks & Recreation Master Plan before considering erecting a permanent disc golf facility. According to Fort St. John’s Recreation & Leisure Services Director Ross DeBoer, up to five of the 11 holes could utilise disc golf targets that the city currently has in inventory, which the city would be willing to install.

Martin says that the group plans to meet with on Friday to go over the Toboggan Hill Park plan, with the goal of having the temporary course erected by the 15th of July.

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