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DAWSON CREEK, B.C. – Dawson Creek Mayor Dale Bumstead says the city is optimistic the worst has come and gone and they can now focus on damage assessment and recovery.

Speaking with by phone, Bumstead said they have been told water is now receding.

Creeks and waters have crested and we`re seeing that it is starting to recede. We are starting to see the effects for our residents now who are seeing the water leaving residential areas. The sewer system is now flowing properly and all that back up is gone. We`re hopefully on the downhill now.

Bumstead says it is now in the phase where in the next couple of days, they will try to asses how much damage has taken place and what the city needs to do to clean up and asses any infrastructure issues.

The city is mainly concerned about transportation issues right now according to Bumstead. He said 4 of the major roads that connect them are currently lost and the North and South quadrants of the city have been cut in half. They need to determine what they have for damage and losses.

Bumstead said today was mainly about public safety. He referred to when the fire fighters realized last night that the water was rising and they smartly moved one of the fire trucks to the south side of town just to make sure they would have fire fighting equipment on that side of town if it was needed.

Anyone that needed help was reached and help was provided. The city evacuated about 60 houses due to flooding last night and this morning.

Things are starting to subside. We`re just hoping that water continues to recede. You`re never sure when you have that much rain in the region how it might flow into communities but we think we`re over the hump right now.

The rainfall warning ended earlier for the Peace Region. Now, it is all about cleaning up what mother nature left behind.

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