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UPDATE: The Dangerous Goods Route has been reopened at the intersection with Highway 2/8th Street.

DAWSON CREEK, B.C. – The road carrying BC Highway 2 over Dawson Creek could fail if floodwaters continue to rise.

Mayor Dale Bumstead says that the culverts that contain the creek bearing the city’s name underneath 8th Street, which is concurrent with the highway, are completely blocked by debris, which has dammed the creek. According to Bumstead, waters have overtopped the road near the Dawson Creek mall and have washed out the sidewalks along the East side of the road. Bumstead says that if the rains continue to fall, the city could lose all of 8th Street, which is one of the arterial routes that connect both sides of the city.

The floodwaters have also washed out the culverts at 15th Street, as well as at the Snake Pit Road east of town near the airport. Bumstead says that city crews believe that 17th Street may have also been washed out, although he added that the road is too far under water to determine with any certainty. He added that the 10th Street Bridge is currently standing, although it is current;y inundated by water.

Currently, the only road connecting the North and South sides of the city is the Dangerous Goods Route west of the city, although Bumstead says that the southern part of the road near its intersection with 8th Street is currently impassable. A pilot truck is currently directing single-lane alternating traffic along the detour. More than 40 people have been evacuated from their homes, and are being taken care of at the Dawson Creek Fire Department.

Bumstead says that he has a meeting planned this morning with city officials, as well as representatives from the provincial government to assess the situation and determine whether the city will declare a local State of Emergency.

A map of road closures provided by the City of Dawson Creek.
A map of road closures provided by the City of Dawson Creek. Note the reopening of Finnegan’s Corner is not included.

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