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DAWSON CREEK, B.C. – Heavy rains in the past several days have caused Dawson Creek to overflow its banks, effectively cutting the city in half.

The 15th Street bridge in Dawson Creek was completely washed away by high stream flows in the creek. Fire Chief Gordon Smith says that the bridge washed away completely early this morning after being undermined by the torrent of water. Smith says that in addition to the 15th Street bridge, bridges that carry 8th, 10th, and 17th Streets over the creek are currently overtopped by both water and debris, rendering them impassable. Currently the only route across the creek is via the Dangerous Goods Route west of town, or via Rolla Road east of the airport.

Smith says that a large number of homes near the area of Kin Park, which is now effectively a lake, are flooded, although he wasn’t able to provide an exact number due to the large area that is flooded. At last count, Smith says that 34 people have been evacuated from their homes due to the flood waters.

Mayor Dawson Creek Dale Bumstead has posted the following updated on Facebook.

A couple of things to update. It appears as though the Dangerous goods route is the only available way to get around town from North to south. I am in city hall so getting this info right now 2nd or 3rd hand.
Our drinking water is completely safe, we will immediately notify residents if that changes.
The city transit system is not operating today and I have been told all of the schools are closed today.
The big issue right now is public safety, we have evacuated approx 36residential households. Please be careful and do not go near the water.
The dangerous route (I am told) will get you from south to north.
We have fire fighting capacity located on the south side of town in the event of an emergency and have stablished with BC Ambulance the route around on DGR to get folks from the north side of town to the hospital.
We will be making the decision later this morning about consideration for declaring a state of emergency.

More to come.

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