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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Disc golf could soon be coming to the Energetic City.

At Monday afternoon’s council meeting, council heard from a delegation consisting of five local disc golf enthusiasts. Drs. Clint and Elena Warkentin, Denise and Curtis Spence, and Shane Stirling made a presentation to council regarding the merits of installing a disc golf course in Fort St. John, including a hands-on demonstration of the flying discs and targets.

Doing most of the speaking on behalf of the group, Dr. Clint Warkentin outlined the many positive benefits of installing even a temporary disc golf course in either Kin Park or Toboggan Hill Park adjacent to North Peace Secondary. According to Warkentin, Fort St. John is the only city in the Peace Region lacking a disc golf facility, as Grande Prairie, Dawson Creek, and Fort Nelson have either approved or constructed at least one course.

Warkentin says the benfits of the courses include: the sport being playable by all age groups, a low financial entry barrier to participate due to the discs costing as little as $15, increasing foot traffic within the parks that would reduce litter and decrease the potential for undesired activity within parks, and taking up a much more compact footprint than a traditional golf course while allowing for general use of the park area concurrent with the disc golf course.

Most members of council seemed in favour of the idea, including Mayor Lori Ackerman and councillors Byron Stewart and Larry Evans. Mayor Ackerman says that the city already has a report on the sport due to be looked at during the next council meeting on June 27th.

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