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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – As the Western Canadian gasoline shortage problems drag on, consumer confusion and frustration also continue.

A combination of Edmonton refinery gasoline outages and Fort McMurray wildfire interrupted crude oil supply problems has reportedly led to an ever increasing, but still undisclosed, number of filling stations running out of gasoline.

Here in Fort St. John the 100th street Petro Canada station has been a victim for nearly a week now, and there are unconfirmed reports, that other local stations may be close to suffering the same fate.

For consumers however, the key word in that statement is “unconfirmed” as there appears to be no way to obtain advance information through news media when, where or why questions.

One local attendant has conceded service station staff is under strict orders not to discuss such matters, and senior analyst Dan McTeague says it all has to do with a lack of government ordered industry accountability, unlike what’s in place in the United States.

Now we should point out again that this is really only one of two major gasoline consumer stories currently unfolding in Western North America.

The other goes to gas pricing which has been rocky as of late as well.

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