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TAYLOR, B.C. – The Spirit of the Peace Powwow will be celebrating it’s eleventh opening night Grand Entry on Friday.

The powwow is a culmination of nearly ten months of planning by the Spirit of the Peace planning group, led by President Connie Greyeyes. Greyeyes has been involved with the event since its first year, when she was battling not only an addiction to drugs and alcohol, but also mourning the passing of her father. She says that volunteering with the event saved her life, and has been involved in every single powwow since.

The powwow has changed somewhat in its eleven years. According to Greyeyes, the first seven years were a traditional powwow, where all participants are given gifts. For its 8th year, the powwow became competitive. Dancers now compete for cash prizes, although elders and non-competitors still receive gifts for sharing their dancing and drumming.

This year’s powwow is slated to be the biggest yet, with close to 400 performers slated to take the stage at the event throughout the weekend. The Spirit of the Peace Powwow begins on Friday, June 10th at the Taylor Ice Centre and goes all weekend long. Grand Entry on Friday is at 7:00 PM, again on Satuday at 1:00 and 7:00 PM, and Sunday at 1:00 PM. Admission to the family-friendly event is free.

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