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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Fire crews are making more and more progress with the wildfire situation.

The Siphon Creek Wildfire is now at 60% containment, up from the previous 50%.

They have 155 firefighters, 5 helicopters and 3 pieces of heavy equipment fighting the fire.

Fire Officer Amanda Reynolds says crews continue to use the resources to keep the fires at a high containment rate.

“The scanning has been taking place, and crews are continuing to mop-up hot spots.”


The Beatton Airport Road fire still sits at a 90% containment rate. Crews did not work on the fire Saturday but returned Sunday. More resources are expected today or tomorrow to help with containment efforts.


The Halfway River fire sits at a 80% containment rate. 119 firefighters, 4 helicopters and 22 support staff are fighting the fire. Reynolds says crews continue to make good progress with the fire.

Reynolds credits the rain and cooler weather in helping with the fires. With a dry spell apparently on the way, crews will be extra cautious in approaching wildfire operations.


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