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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – Alexa’s team recipients were honored today in Prince George as well as other parts of the province.

Alexa’s team is a program that recognizes RCMP as well as municipal officers in B.C. that make an extraordinary contribution to reducing the number of drivers driving drunk or impaired by drugs.

In order to be nominated, an officer has to remove at least 12 drivers that were affected by alcohol or drugs from either a criminal code investigation, or a 90-day immediate roadside prohibition in the previous year.

The program started in 2008 and since then, 71,300 penalties have been processed for drugs or alcohol use while driving.

All-Star members are officers that have taken 34 or more criminally impaired drivers off the road in 2015.

Below are a list of recipients honored from the Peace Region:


Cst. Adam Taylor Chetwynd General Duty

Total drivers removed from the road = 25

Dawson Creek

Cst. Matthew Gould Dawson Creek General Duty

Cst. James Fenemma Dawson Creek IRSU

Cst. Aaron Semeniuk Dawson Creek SPTS All-Star

Cst. Shaun Kennedy Dawson Creek SPTS

Cst. Matthew Ferguson Dawson Creek SPTS

Total drivers removed from the road = 159

Fort Nelson

Cst. Tom Cichon Northern Rockies RCMP All-Star

Total drivers removed from the road = 68

Fort St. John

Cst. Graham Meclgunn Fort St. John – A watch All-Star

Cst. Carlee Munro Fort St. John IRSU

Cst. Nicole Campbell Fort St. John IRSU All-Star

Cst. Gregory Jodoin Fort St. John PRTS All-Star

Cst. Dylan Bergmark Fort St. John PRTS All-Star

Total drivers removed from the road = 226


Cst. Kevin Warkentin Mackenzie General Duty

Total drivers removed from the road = 18


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