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FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. — The Peace River Regional District has details about what animal and livestock owners can do if they’re faced with an evacuation alert.

Animal owners should have a plan for their animals, and make sure they’ll have food, water, shelter and any veterinary supplies they need:

  • Make arrangements for your pets and hobby animals in case you have to go to a shelter where they cannot be with you. Horse and other hobby livestock can be boarded the North Peace Light Horse Association (please contact Becky at 250-619-5548 or Vivian at 250-261-6381 or Bonny at 250-263-3179). Please make contact with the EOC to make arrangements for boarding if you do not have a place to board them.
  • Commercial livestock producers involved in farm businesses should make relocation arrangements where possible, and may obtain assistance through the EOC where necessary. Commercial livestock may be relocated under an Evacuation Alert with approval from the EOC, so contact your EOC to discuss your situation.

Due to the increased possibility of animals becoming lost or disoriented, please ensure you have a way of identifying your animals:

  • Pets and hobby animals may have tattoos, licenses and/or computer chips, make sure you have some documentation of that method and take some pictures. Horses may have brands but many do not, as a precaution take some pictures and possibly braid a small tag with your name & contact information into their mane where they are not likely to rip it off.
  • Livestock are likely to have brands, tattoos, and/or RFID tags, but taking some extra pictures and having their documentation to go is prudent.

The PRRD says farm businesses are defined by the Farm Practices Protection (Right to Farm) Act, adding that this is those farm businesses where a reasonable expectation of income, based on sales, is anticipated including, but not limited to, the rearing and keeping of livestock.

Livestock and livestock raising are defined by the Assessment Act, Classification of Land as a Farm Regulation. It does not include the keeping of pets such as members of the genus Canus or Felis, hobby farms or animals kept within the confines of a home. (From EMBC Policy on livestock relocation)

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