Teens save officer from flaming police car

POUCE COUPE, B.C. — Two teens are being recognized for rescuing a cop from a flipped police car that caught fire on Tuesday night.

Kaiden McGowan was eating dinner with his friend, Tanner Merrick, at his home in Pouce Coupe when he says they heard a truck traveling dangerously fast by his house with a cop car following on the 206 road.

“We could hear a diesel truck from a while away, going really fast,” McGowan told Energetic City.

The teen recalled the power going out shortly afterwards. When they drove in Tanner’s truck to investigate, they found the police car on its side near 57 Avenue, seeming to have hit a pole and engulfed in a blaze.

“I expected the truck would have hit the pole, but it was the police car,” he said. “It was up against the pole, and it was on fire.”

The teens acted fast and yelled at the officer inside the car, who didn’t answer. Eventually, they got the officer out — which took work because McGowan said the door was jammed due to the car rolling.

“He was okay enough to crawl out (…) he was pretty shook up.”

To help extinguish the fire, they threw snow onto the car. More RCMP officers arrived a while after, and McGowan says they then gave a statement to police.

The officer in the accident was treated in hospital, with minor injuries.