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With the 42nd federal election in the books many changes will be taking place across the country. In the areas surrounding the Prince George/Peace River/Northern Rockies riding however, representation for the most part will stay the same.

Winning in Cariboo-Prince George was Conservative Party member Todd Doherty. The riding was previously occupied by Dick Harris of the Conservative Party, however Doherty replaced Harris after he retired.

Chris Warkentin won by a significant margin in the riding of Grande Prairie/Mackenzie. The Conservative Party member had a lead of over 20,000 votes over Reagan Johnston of the Liberal Party with 153 of 222 polls reporting.

The riding of Yellowhead was also won easily by another member of the Conservative Party, former Fort St. John Mayor Jim Eglinski. Eglinski had a lead of approximately 28,000 votes Ryan Maguhn of the Liberal Party with 238 of 247 polls reporting.

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