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A Charlie Lake resident has some concerns about a black bear they saw roaming the Cherry Road area earlier today.

They said the bear wasn’t easy to scare off, but eventually left the premises, and is suspected to still be nearby.

black bear
A resident submitted this photo of a black bear eating their garbage.

Micah Kneller with the BC Conservation Office said this bear is likely the same one known to them, which has been seen in Charlie Lake many times over the last two weeks.

While they know of it, he says it poses no direct threat to residents.

“We are monitoring the location and habits of this bear in the Charlie Lake area. To this point, it hasn’t done anything that’s aggressive,” he said. “Whenever the attractant it’s been getting into has been removed, the bear hasn’t been coming back.”

He added that bears usually start looking through garbage for food prior to hibernation. According to Kneller, bears start to learn where to find food, and people can deter bears from coming back by removing whatever it is attracting them in the first place.

He urges people to keep their garbage in the house or garage until collection day to keep it away from bears.

“The problem right now is that people are continuing to store their garbage in an accessible location for the bear,” he said.

Kneller also emphasizes that things other than our food can also attract bears, such as pet food and bird feeders.


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