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Local area motorists appeared to dodge another gasoline pump price increase over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend.

According to the Thanksgiving Day Gas Buddy monitor, it’s currently a very curious scramble in the BC Peace, with a price differential of 20 cents per litre.

The Survey had the low end price in Dawson Creek, at a 111.9 per litre, 12 cents less than common price in Fort St. John, with the Petro-Can stations back on board at 123.9, but that was eight cents less than the Chetywnd post, of dollar 31.9.

“It does speak to the fact that there’s a shortage of gasoline, it does speak to the fact that we’re not producing enough to meet our domestic needs,” said Dan McTeague, the lead market place analyst for GasBuddy.

“It also really reflects on the fact that American Demand, as well as Canadian demand to a lesser extent, continues to be high.”

The four Atlantic Provinces and Ontario posted the lowest average prices. On the other hand, Alberta at 110.4 and British Columbia at 114.8 have the highest provincial averages and McTeague continues to insist this was highly predictable.

“Americans are having significant difficulty of their own,” he said. “That has meant, with all the refineries in the United States, especially in the US Midwest. The scarcity, if you will, of gasoline in that market has meant we are scrambling here in Canada.”

The two Petro-Can stations, which introduced the last price drop in the city by the end of last week, were out in front of a new price hike, posting a four cent increase, to 127.9.


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