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This week is Women in Energy week, which looks to recognize women working in the energy sector and get more women interested in a career in the energy sector.

David Mossman with BC Women in Energy says there seem to be a number of reason that women may be hesitant of starting a career in the field – including not having other women in the sector to look to as a role model.

“The workplace culture can be very challenging towards women,” said Mossman. He added that word of mouth can deter women, due to the horror stories that circulate of what can happen to women in those jobs.

Retaining female workers is important, too, he said, as because women may leave prematurely due to bad experiences.

To help encourage women to enter the field, an information session and reception will be hosted at the Pomeroy Hotel tonight.

BC Women in Energy Network’s Executive Director, Ellen Bird, will be giving a short presentation. Other speakers from various businesses will be attending as well.

BCWEN says men and women are welcome to attend.

A study is also being conducted by BCWEN to track the various factors involved with women who enter the energy sector in Northern BC. It looks to:

  • Gain a clear understanding of the current and projected Northern BC energy industry labour market landscape and the participation rate of women.
  • Connect with women in Northern BC communities to understand their level of awareness of the energy industry and its employment opportunities.
  • Gain a clear understanding of women’s perceived barriers around employment in the energy industry, and the employer’s perceptions of female employees.
  • Develop an action plan of how to increase the participation rate of women in the Northern BC energy industry based on overcoming identified barriers and taking advantage of identified opportunities.
  • Work collaboratively with regional organisations to implement the action plan through a Northern BC Women in Energy Council.

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