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Riding a unicycle is no easy feat, but can you imagine riding one for 90 KM a day, almost everyday?

That’s what Sid Rajan is doing. Believe it or not, he’s making his way from Alaska to Montana – all by unicycle.

“Maybe I’ll stop in Billings or Missoula, Montana,” Sid Rajan wrote in an e-mail. “Basically, somewhere in Montana, where I can come back to in a couple of years and keep riding south.”

He’s been pedaling for about 5 months – leaving Deadhorse, Prudhoe Bay in Alaska near the beginning of June. Not only is he covering about 15-16 kilometres in an hour, but he is also carrying a 40 lbs. pack.

Pedaling along the Alaska Highway, he arrived in Dawson Creek yesterday, and spent some time fixing up his unicycle – which had mechanical issues and stopped him from riding for 10 days near Watson Lake. Today, he took a well-deserved break to hang out in the town before hitting the road to Montana again.

Rajan started to unicycle in 2004, and knew immediately he wanted to use it on big treks. He has taken it through Laos, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, and road 5,700 KM across Australia in 2009.

“I took a 5 year break and got into climbing and mountaineering. I missed the road and since I work in Alaska and Southern Chile, I figured why not ride the Americas (in multiple legs over many years),” he wrote. “This is Leg 1, the crux of the trip being the Dalton Highway in Northern Alaska. Some day, years from now maybe I’ll finish up in Ushuaia, Argentina.”

He said he typically goes for 90 km per day, and his longest day was 116 km. He’s also seen many wildlife along the way.

“Most animals are afraid when they see me as I am riding a 36″ wheel and my head is 7 feet high. The bison and elk start running, sometimes along the road. I once chased 3 bison for 7km along the highway. They are fast and have incredible stamina.”

When asked what his favourite part of the trip was so far, he said the Northern Rockies were great. “Destruction Bay and Kluane Lake was nice too. The whole region is filled with lakes and mountains. I’d love to do the same trip in a car and see more and spend more time here.”

Rajan estimates it will take until the end of October to get to Montana. He is keeping people up to date with his travels through his Facebook page.

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