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The North Peace Ride for the Disabled will be hosting their 5th Annual Country Dinner, at the Charlie Lake Community Hall tomorrow night.

Doors are open at 4:30 PM, and the dinner is served at 6:00 PM.

The dinner is a ‘home cooked meal, ham, roast beef, biscuits, pork and beans and of course potatoes gravy, veggies and salad.’ A fruit crumble made with several different fruits will be served for dessert.

It is a non-alcoholic function, and typically evolves into a dance in the evening.

A silent auction will also be happening.

“We’ve been hugely fortunate with the community support in the silent auction, last year we made $7,000 just in our silent auction.” said Liz Calder, president of the NPRftD.

Calder says there are still many tickets available – so far, they have sold 125 out of 200 tickets. They can be bought in advance at Lillies and Lavenders, or at the door – where she hopes she sees some numbers.

It is $30 for people ages 13-59, $20 for children ages 6-12, adults 60+, and riders/support staff, and free for children under five.

A family pass can also be purchased for $85 – Calder says it quickly becomes worth it to buy the pass instead of individual admission for immediate family members.

The Ride for the Disabled itself will be starting on October 14th. It provides horseback riding for people with a wide-range of disabilities.

The NPRftD says horseback riding brings improved coordination, muscle strength, joint mobility, perceptual skills and self-confidence.

They add that ‘the opportunity to work with a horse by grooming and helping to saddle it are very real sources of excitement and pride.’

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