Wait list growing longer for independent senior’s housing

The newest addition to the North Peace Senior Housing Society was unveiled at the beginning of the month, but there’s still a ways to go before seniors are comfortably accommodated in Fort St. John.

As of September 21st, 94 people are on the wait list for apartments 1 and 2. These apartments are considered ‘independent living’, meaning the seniors have a stove to cook food for their meals.

The wait list for apartments 3 and 4, which have mandatory meal plans, is rather low compared to that for the first two – at 15 people.

People in these suites don’t have access to a personal kitchen, and must eat in the common are unless they don’t feel well – in which case, staff deliver their meal to them.

The North Peace Senior’s Housing Society has plans to build a new apartment, but they are not definite just yet.

The newest apartment features four different halls that meet into a main dining room area. Two of the halls have been named – The Chimeroo wing, and the Peace wing. The main meeting room is called the Dudley and Gail Wagner Rotary room.


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