INVERNESS, N.S. — Thousands of people are expected to travel to a small town in Cape Breton today, where the jackpot for a local fundraiser is expected to hit the $1-million mark.

The population of Inverness, N.S., which is usually 1,500 people, is expected to swell to about 10,000 as people vie for the opportunity to “Chase the Ace” — a game of chance involving a deck of playing cards.

Mike Fraser, who’s been the local legion’s bartender for 20 years, says people are coming from as far away as New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island for a chance at the winning ticket.

He says so many people are participating that a temporary cell tower was brought in this week to handled the added cellphone traffic.

RCMP say intersections, sidewalks, crosswalks and fire hydrants must remain accessible in the community.

Police say parking is available at the Inverness Raceway and the Inverness Academy.

Organizer Cameron MacQuarrie says he’s amazed at how a game that began last October with a jackpot of just 35 dollars has gradually transformed into a can’t-miss social event.



The Canadian Press