The District of Taylor did an emergency preparedness exercise yesterday, and Fire Chief Alan Stebbing of Taylor Fire and Rescue says the team was fairly well-prepared for the mock emergencies.

“We always have learning outcomes, whether we’ve done this once, or a hundred times,” said Stebbing. “But I think we did very well. We definitely picked up on some things – I think everyone involved picked up on some things where they can improve.”

In these mock emergencies, they test the communication between district staff and first respondents should an emergency come up.

Emergency preparedness was recently put into the minds of British Columbians following the windstorms that took out power for thousands in Metro Vancouver on August 29th.

Closer to home, the evacuation due to fire for Hudson’s Hope last summer got people thinking about how prepared they are here.

“It’s our job, as emergency managers, to help keep people reminded that this is out there, you really need to be prepared all the time,” Stebbing said about emergency preparedness. “Definitely, we learn from others and other communities.”

All municipalities in BC are required to follow a precise emergency management system, so that there are no gaps in communication during an emergency.

Stebbing feels that Taylor is a safe community that would be is ready for an emergency if one occurred.

The next exercise for the district will be on September 30th.