Contract technicality causing this short school year won’t be a regular occurence, says Superintendent

Looking at the calendar for schools in this district, it may appear as if everything is the same as it was before.

But there is one difference: the school year is ending a bit earlier than you might expect.

Superintendent of the School Board Dave Sloan calls it “contract language” defining the bookends of the school year – As it states, the first day of school is the first Tuesday after labour day, and the last day is the last Friday of June.

In 2016, the last Friday of June is the 24th, but students will have their last class on Thursday, June 23rd.

The 24th is for teachers and administrative staff to tie up loose ends and close the school for the summer.

While students may rejoice an early summer vacation, Sloan says it will not going to be like this every year.

“This is the anomaly in the calendar that those who came up with the language didn’t foresee … It’s an unfortunate combination of events and I don’t think it’ll come up again for several years in the future.”

He says the school year may be shorter, but teachers in the district will still do their best to prepare lessons for students with all the necessary material in this shortened timeline.

“I know our teachers will make every conscientious effort to make sure our students are well-prepared.”

Most students in the district started class again on Tuesday, with varying exceptions depending on the school.

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