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The Peace River Regional District wants people in the area to come out to the board meeting in Dawson Creek, and discuss the referendums on sub-regional sewers and potable water services for thoroughly.

When asked about the sub-regional sewage referendum, Chief Administrative Officer Chris Cvik said the PRRD changed things when residents gave them feed back. “We were looking to take out a loan to construct a facility and partner with members of municipality,” said Chris Cvik, Chief Administrative Officer of the PRRD.

“We are looking to create a function that would allow us to receive tax in order to operate and maintain and build reserves for the Charlie Lake facility that is currently being built.”

The sub-regional sewer would be planted in electoral areas B and C. Residents had their concerns, which Cvik says were regarding the amount of debt this project could incur, not wanting to pay for a service they felt they didn’t need, and not wanting to pay for other people to have the service.

Cvik also mentioned that the electoral areas could benefit from the potable water service referendum passing since Romedo Springs was closed until further notice due to E. coli.

The referendums will be held on November 7th, 2015 in Dawson Creek.


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