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There’s confirmation from Spectra Energy that it hopes to file a pipeline expansion project regulatory application with the National Energy Board this coming fall.

The Jackfish Lake expansion project would add two loop sections of pipeline paralleling the existing Fort St. John mainline pipeline, between Taylor and Chetwynd, providing an additional local area transportation capacity to Spectra’s existing system.

The first segment would start south of Taylor, on the south side of the Peace River, and run about twelve kilometers.

The second, starting at the Pine River, would run approximately 24 kilometres, and end northeast of Chetwynd.

The 36 inch lines would transport sales quality natural gas to markets throughout the province and the United States and Spectra’s targeted in service date is early in 2017.

The project would add 137.5 million cubic feet per day to the capacity of a system that Spectra calls the backbone of the natural gas sector in BC,  stretching from Fort Nelson to Gordondale, east of Dawson Creek, on the Alberta side of the border, and to Huntingdon at the American border, just south of Abbotsford.

Also to accommodate the increased volume of gas the proposed project would include a new compressor at Compressor Station one, and possibly modifications to Compressor Station two.

The aforementioned system includes 19 compressor stations with a combined 600 thousand horsepower, and nearly 29 hundred kilometers of pipeline, which can transport two point nine billion cubic feet of natural gas per day.

Spectra gathers raw natural gas not only from here northeast BC, but also from Alberta, Yukon, and the Northwest Territories, and it has six Peace/Liard Region world-scale natural gas processing facilities: two at Fort Nelson, and the others at Sikanni, Taylor, Pine River and Dawson Creek.

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