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After a 4.6 earthquake was felt near Charlie Lake last Monday, the Green Party issued a statement on Wednesday believing fracking played a role in the event.

“This earthquake confirms that fracking is a dangerous and environmentally irresponsible practice,” wrote Green Party Leader Elizabeth May. “An earthquake of this magnitude could have devastating implications for the environment and the Halfway River First Nations community.”

Fracking-caused earthquakes are well documented, and they usually produce noticeable earthquakes.

May continues to suggest that the Canadian government needs to invest into more sustainable energy.

“Canada must invest in sustainable energy and the Green Party is committed to working with the renewable energy sector to accelerate the construction of green infrastructure. Clean energy jobs are better for the Canadian economy, people and environment. We must focus on the future, one that does not involve putting our environment at risk.”

The release also addresses the need for more emergency preparedness training should an earthquake or other natural disaster occur, saying BC’s disaster response was ‘woefully inadequate.’

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