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Fort St. John Links held their annual junior open yesterday and finishing first was Jake Lane as he shot a 68. He shot a 37 through the front nine but really flipped the switch on the back nine as he shot 31.

Lane admitted that it had been awhile since he teed off at Links so it took him a bit of time to get his feet under him and get comfortable with the course.

“This is the first time that I’ve played this course in about two years. I just got use to it on the front nine and played okay, not bad. The back nine I hit it really close and had a good iron game and lots of birdies.”

Twelve players took part in the event. Below are the results with gross and net strokes included.

Jake Lane 68 (68)

Adam Krueger 81 (76)

Sterling Middleton 93 (81)

Jacob Lang 92 (76)

Aiden Craig-Steele 92 (76)

Wesley Phan 93 (75)

Connor Kindrat 91 (73)

Chase London 99 (81)

Richard Wainwright 118 (91)

Tyler McArthur 86 (68)

Curtis Hammond 95 (60)

Kurtis Wainwright 122 (86)


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