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The 43rd annual World’s Invitational Gold Panning Championships were held in Taylor over the weekend, and at the event’s conclusion there was a familiar name at the top. Scott Rea of Quesnel won the A class panning, the eighth time that he has done so.

Rea had the fastest time in the speed round as he found the gold nugget in his pan in a time of 12.78 seconds.

While time is needed to sharpen your skills, Rea admitted that a big part of being a successful gold panner comes down to being lucky.

“Practice and luck. That’s the truth. It’s a lot of practice and hoping that when you go real fast that it stays in there. Sometimes it does, sometimes it doesn’t. It worked out good today.”

Rea has been involved in gold panning for 26 years and picked up the hobby while in Barkerville with family.

In the overall standings Chris Totusek was second place, and taking third was Dave Coupland.

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