PVLA to appeal BC Supreme Court ruling on Site C

The Peace Valley Landowners Association will be appealing the BC Supreme Court’s decision to dismiss the PVLA’s court challenge of the environmental assessment certificate of the Site C dam. The case by the association was based on the requirement for Ministers to consider recommendations made by the Joint Review Panel, however the judge in the case indicated that even if recommendations were not considered, the decision to proceed with the project can be seen as reasonable.

In a release PVLA president Ken Boon said, “If the court’s decision in the PVLA case stands, BC ministers will be able to get away with not following environmental assessment legislation on the basis that the ends justify the means. That is just plain wrong. Why bother conducting an environmental assessment, if the Minister can turn a blind eye and not consider its recommendations?”

It is the opinion of the PVLA that the ruling made by Judge Sewell as “reasonable overall”, is wrong at law.


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