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At 30.5 C, Fort St. John set another record high yesterday breaking the previous July 8 mark of 29.9 C set in 2010.

It was the first daily record posted this month, at the airport weather station, but the fourth one in less than two weeks, and it was also one of at least 15 recorded across the province.

The hot spot in the province and across the country was Ashcroft — west of Kamloops — but, even though it recorded a high of 40.3 C, it did set a one-day record.

Back in this area, farmers, ranchers, and especially wildfire fighters face growing problems as a result of the hot, dry, windy weather.

At the top of that list now is the wildfire at Big Beaver Creek, between Prophet River and Fort Nelson, burning at 8,000 hectares and the largest in the region.

The fire, discovered Sunday is one of five of note in the Prince George Centre, and burns aggressively on both sides of the highway with limited visibility.

Like the majority of fires across the province this summer, this one was started by lightning, but there’s also growing concern about the number caused by human carelessness.

Finance Minister Mike De Jong is ultimately responsible for covering the publicly-funded wildfire fighting bill, which has already soared past this year’s $60 million budget.

“I was driving down the highway and I saw someone throw a cigarette out of their car,” he said.

“Give your head a shake. I don’t know what is wrong with people.”

As a result, it is safe to assume authorities in this area would like to roll back the clock 43 years to July 9, 1972 — the day the airport weather station recorded it greatest one day July rainfall of 60.2 millimeters, or 2.37 inches.

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