The District of Taylor will be conducting a test of its emergency evacuation siren system this evening.

The tests will begin around 6 p.m., and are only expected to last a few minutes, the district’s emergency co-ordinator Sadie Jones says.

The tests will include a first siren alert that will last between 10 to 20 seconds, followed by a public address announcement. A second siren alert will follow that will last about two minutes.

“We have sirens, so we’ve got to test them occasionally to make sure they’re working,” said Jones.

The District has three siren sites, one located near Willow and McMahon drives, along with two others at the Fire Hall and the District office.

The District is looking for feedback from residents and people in the area to report what they hear, where they heard it, and if the siren or messaging was loud and clear, or quiet and distorted.

Jones says the feedback will be used to identify any problems with the system to ensure fixes are made to ensure the system is functional in the event of an emergency.

The sirens were used back in January 1999, when the District had to be evacuated following a number of explosions at the former Solex Gas Liquids plant.

The District will be collecting feedback through its Facebook page, the Taylor Fire Rescue Twitter page, via phone at 250-789-3392, or by emailing