A case of mistaken identities has thrust an American software developer into the controversy surrounding former CBC News host Evan Solomon.

Though he shares a name with the beleaguered journalist, this Solomon — who lives in San Francisco — says he has little else in common with the man he refers to as “Canadian Evan.”

The American Solomon goes by @evansolomon on Twitter, while the Canadian one, who was fired by the CBC on Tuesday over conflict-of-interest allegations, goes by @evansolomoncbc.

The 30-year-old American says he used to get two to three Twitter notices a day from people who mistook him for the high-profile Canadian news host, but that’s skyrocketed since his namesake’s departure from the CBC was announced.

Even CBC reporters don’t seem immune — Solomon says investigative reporter Dave Seglins sent a private message urging him to take care of himself.

The Canadian Solomon, meanwhile, has said through his lawyer he never intentionally used his position at CBC to promote a private business partnership he was involved in.

The American one says the online confusion is “a little bit annoying, but much more funny.”

“I don’t think it’s that hard to figure out that I’m not Canadian Evan, especially if you actually know him, but people keep proving me wrong,” he said in an email to The Canadian Press.

The Canadian Press