Spring League basketball wrapped up for another season at North Peace Secondary School on Tuesday. As the season concluded coaches recognized a number of MVP’s from each team.

In the junior games blue defeated orange 34-24, red beat black 27-20, and yellow edged green 28-24.

The MVP’s from the junior division were Duncan Ross, Brandon Modde, Cole Harder, Kurtis Lee, James Kitney, and Jordan Fairlie. Coach choices were Erin Giesbrecht, Hunter Brown, Raya Heinrichs, Madison Gray, Madison Holloway, and Lucas Willms.

In the senior girls division D. Bauer beat Motive 7 51-40, and Sunlife just got by Jiffy Lube 50-48. The most valuable players for the senior girls was Allyson Knight, Britney Peters, Tori Coulter, and Catherin Ross. Getting recognition as coach choices were Tianna Peters, Stephanie Ross, Alexis Ziebart, and Azaria Richards.

Motive 7 defeated Sunlife 68-62 in the senior boys division, and Jiffy Lube edged D. Bauer 87-85 in a high scoring affair. Most valuable players in the senior boys division were Ezra Lainsbury, Jordan Sandberg, Logan Harder, and Jake Hyrcha. Coach choices were Kameron Furlong, Joel Bourgeois, Lorenzo Petrucci, and Lucas Ziebart.