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Calling it a double-edged sword, Mayor Rob Fraser has offered some clarification over issues surrounding an alleged shortage of residential development lots in the District of Taylor.

We caught up to the Mayor in Edmonton, at the Federation of Canadian Municipalities annual conference.

“It’s great that our community is growing and those residential lots are being bought up and built on. That’s the positive side of it,” said Fraser.

“The negative side of it is there is a shortage of building lots in Taylor. There is land available, it just doesn’t have any services to it. The goal forward for us is to start looking at a new subdivision partnering with somebody to build a new subdivision roads, sewer infrastructure, water.

“We’re looking at it,” Fraser continued.

“It’s a matter of there’s nothing left that’s serviced. If somebody wanted to come to Taylor to say, ‘I want to build a house,’ we’re dwindling with areas that we could put them to.”

Asked if there’s interest in adding more multi-family developments, Fraser said the district is comfortable with what it has.

“North Taylor Developments, they’re building probably 100 units between now and 2020, a building that’s got four units in it,” he said.

“It’s sort of a condominium idea. That’s as far as we’ve gone with respect to multi-family living.

“We haven’t looked at any apartments or anything like that,” Fraser said.

As for new commercial development, Fraser said the district is always looking for it, but the catch 22 for Taylor continues to be its close proximity to Fort St. John.

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