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60 shooters made it out for the 2015 sporting clay shoot at the North Peace Rod and Gun Club. The big winner was Wayne Norton as he connected on 273 out of 306 targets over the two day event in the HOA class.

Tom Stenger was first in the Master class as he hit 272 targets. Winning in the AA grouping was Cory Tuffs with 250. Troy Fit was first in the A class with 241 hits. Robert Allen hit 221 in the B class. Top spot in the C group went to Jeff Kitt with 225. Boyd Wedge hit 216 targets in the D class. The winner of the E category was Egon Ungurian with 194 hit targets.

Wayne Carlson was first in the vet category after he hit 243 targets. In the women’s grouping Pat White hit on 176 targets.

Full results can be seen in the attachment provided.


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