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SAINT JOHN, N.B. — A librarian at the University of the New Brunswick has made a discovery that’s out of this world.

Deep in the archives of the university in Saint John, what appears to be a shooting script from the original Star Wars movie was recently found.

The “fourth draft” shooting script is dated March 15, 1976, about a year before the movie was released, and contains a red stamp that says “Property of Lucasfilm Ltd.”

David Ross, a librarian at the university, says a librarian who was hired under a contract to digitize parts of the university’s science fiction collection made the discovery about a week ago.

Ross says the contract librarian and sci-fi buff, Kristian Brown, made notes about the differences between the script and the movie, including that Luke Skywalker’s name in this draft of the script is “Luke Starkiller.”

He says the school’s records show it was acquired in 1990, but it was somehow forgotten over the years.

Ross says the script will be placed in an enclosure and put on display in the main library.



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