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Members of the Northern Environmental Action Team met with the parent advisory council at Ecole Central Elementary School, and volunteers from RBC on Saturday to create raised beds for the school’s Food Secure Kids program. NEAT is working with the school and presenting to every class the importance of food security and how children can help.

Susan McGarvey is an eco-advisor for NEAT and said it’s important for children to understand what goes into providing quality foods, and about plant life cycles.

“We’re one of the only communities north of the 55th parallel. If anything ever happened we need to be able to sustain our living until someone could get here to help us. It’s important in that way but it’s also important to get kids out in nature and get them out in the dirt and realizing where our food comes from and what the process is that takes place for them to have a salad on their plate.”

NEAT has been in the school for the last month teaching children about the importance of planting local foods, as well as pollinators, and composting.

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