Kevin McNee wins championship flight at 53rd Oilmen’s Golf Tournament

The 53rd annual Oilmen’s Golf Tournament came to a close Saturday at the Lakepoint Golf and Country Club. 272 golfers took part in this year’s event.

In the championship flight the big winner was Kevin McNee. Winning the consolation side of the bracket was Toby Coyle.

Garry Ford won the first flight. Taking the win on the consolation side was Scott MacKinnon.

Winning the second flight was John Giesbrecht. Keith Rost was the consolation winner.

Darcy Turnbull won the third flight as he defeated Clark Lang in the finals. Lee Hartman was victorious in the consolation side of the bracket.

The fourth flight winner was Bruce Craig as he took on Don Hoffmeyer in the finals. The consolation winner of the bracket was Jeff McWhinnie.

Taking the victory in the fifth flight was Mike Hamre as he defeated Andrew Moody. Anthony Corno was victorious on the consolation side.

Neil Greenway was the winner of the sixth flight over Don Wallin. Winning the consolation portion was Rollie Lessard.

The winner of the seventh flight was Bob Brown as he defeated Dave Buziak in the final. Mark Shuster won in the consolation side.

The eighth flight winner was Bernard Salinas as he met Reg Marquart in the final pairing. Tim Fehr won in the consolation finals.

Brett Wilson won in the ninth flight as he defeated Ken Griffin.

The tenth flight winner was Randy Morrow as he was victorious over Blair Wandler. Neil Carlstrom was the consolation winner.

Winning the 12th flight was Jerry Block as he met Doug Todd in the finals. Sean Thomas took the victory on the consolation side.

Lyle Hall was the 13th flight winner with his win over David Smith. Winning on the consolation side of the bracket was Kirk Horychun.

The 14th flight winner was Don Smith as he beat Daniel Shallow in the final pairing. Troy Viens was the consolation winner.

Tom Thompson won the 15th flight with his win over Brian Zieger. Kirk Rutz won the consolation side.

Lastly the 16th flight winner was Elmer Westergaard over Calvin Elson. George Soule was the consolation winner.

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