TORONTO — A roving peacock that captivated Toronto residents as it flew from roof to roof has made its way back to the city zoo he escaped from last week.

The High Park Zoo says the peacock isn’t yet among his other brilliantly feathered friends, however — he was hanging out in a bison pen this morning.

The zoo is expressing hope the colourful bird will fly back to his own enclosure shortly.

The peacock broke out of the city’s zoo on Friday and caused a stir as he was seen wandering down laneways, perching in trees and roosting on rooftops in a west-end Toronto neighbourhood.

Animal control officers tried to capture the bird using blankets and nets but stopped actively pursuing the peacock on Saturday because they were afraid of driving him further away.

Earlier this week an official with the city’s parks department said feeding stations would be set out in local parks to draw the bird to a location where he could be captured.



The Canadian Press