Spring league basketball reaches mid way point

Spring league basketball at North Peace Secondary School reached the half way point this week. There was a bit of a spread in the senior boys division this week, but the competition remained strong on the senior girls side.

In the boys games Sunlife beat Motive 7 65-48. Bruce Wolfe was the Sunlife player of the game as he followed instruction well and worked hard on the court. The Motive 7 player of the game was Tyler Coulter as he showed great work on the boards and defensively overall.

Jiffy Lube defeated D. Bauer 85-75. Brandon Unruh stood out for his improved play and solid work defensively for Jiffy Lube. D. Bauer’s player of the game was Jacob Ziebart for his aggressive play offensively.

In the girls division Sunlife edged Jiffy Lube 41-40. Tori Coulter was Sunlife’s player of the game for leading offensively and draining a three point ball at the end of the game to win. Frankie Alexander for Jiffy Lube showed some great effort and worked hard in the paint.

The final game wound up as a draw between Motive 7 and D. Bauer at 43-43. For Motive 7 Stephanie Ross kept her composure and led the team, while Jessie Copes was solid on the fast breaks for D. Bauer.

Having strong games in the junior action were Devin Illenseer, Rheana Gilbert, Brandon Modde, Kalyn Hynes, Lucas Willms, and Ethan Lang.


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